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The name Ikiteo comes from the word ikigai (生き甲斐 in Jap.), which means a sense of your own purpose in life or the reason you wake up in the morning. Ikiteo is designed to help you discover that purpose and boost your motivation to get things done. Discover your own sense of purpose and boost your motivation to get things done with Ikiteo! Designed with simplicity and efficiency, Ikiteo is here to help you manage your workday, schedule, and tasks, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Say goodbye to stress and self-slavery – Ikiteo is all about time management, life planning, and achieving your goals. # Calendar and Workday Management: Easily manage your days, dates, and work commitments. Plan meetings, events, and even your workout activities. Stay organized and keep track of your busy schedule. You can even add emoji notes to highlight important days and events. # Scopes of Life: Ikiteo understands that every aspect of your life is important. That's why it allows you to define your own scopes – whether it's work, self-development, travel, sports, or any other areas. You can set specific goals, execute projects, and track progress within each scope. Thinking about buying a new apartment? Planning a trip? Executing home repairs? Ikiteo has got you covered! # Tasks and To-Do Lists: Stay organized and never miss a deadline. Ikiteo lets you organize your tasks and notes just like in a notebook. Set due dates and times for each task. Add commentary reminders and attach additional notes to provide context. Highlight important tasks for better attention management and track your progress effortlessly. # Notes and Thoughts: Ikiteo serves as your digital stock of thoughts and ideas. No more losing or forgetting important information, goals, or observations. Jot down your notes, dreams, and insights. Pin the most relevant notes to the top, making sure they're always visible and easily accessible whenever you need them. # Reminders and Notifications: Never miss an important task or event again. Set reminders for your tasks and notes, as well as for meetings or project milestones. Ikiteo will notify you at the specified time, so you can stay on top of your commitments. # Courses for Personal and Professional Growth: Ikiteo offers a variety of courses to help you meet your goals and plans. Discover valuable lessons with practical step-by-step exercises to enhance your productivity and personal development. Learn how to build effective habits, plan using Kaizen principles, set and achieve goals, overcome procrastination, and more. # Web and Mobile Apps: Ikiteo is available as a mobile app and a web version, ensuring that you have access to your data wherever you go. Seamlessly sync your information and enjoy a consistent experience across all your devices. Whether you're using the app or the web version, Ikiteo keeps everything in one place. # Plan Meetups and Journal your Experiences: Ikiteo is not just about productivity – it's also about creating meaningful experiences. Plan meetups with friends, schedule outings, and create memorable moments. Capture these moments in your personal journal, keeping a record of your current activities, thoughts, and reflections # Use Ikiteo the way you want: We try to keep Ikiteo simple, yet flexible enough to suit different needs and ideas. Use it as a notebook, diary, weekly planner, notepad, calendar, to-do lists, habit tracker, GTD planner, shopping list… Just the way you like it! # Get Started with Ikiteo Today: With its simple, yet powerful features, Ikiteo is your go-to planner to stay organized, focused, and on top of your game. Download the app now and experience a new level of productivity, supported by a cute red panda mascot that will bring a smile to your face. Free but limited All available features are free, but a subscription gives you access to courses on planning, habits, goals, and more to help you get better at what you do.


タイトル Ikiteo – calendar, todo, notes
開発元Apurichoumi Inc.
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2023年9月16日 バージョン2.31


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Ikiteo – calendar, todo, notes